Goodbye Reg Presley

Reg Presley, the singer with The Troggs has sadly passed away. Proto heavy metal/punk and inspiration to numerous musicians from Iggy to Spinal Tap. As a tribute to Reg and the foul mouthed, here’s their infamous, priceless, studio argument… the Troggs Tapes… contains countless swears…

Seam – Headsparks

(1992, Homestead Records)
seam-headsparksThis was purchased after reading the review of the album in Melody Maker (by Everett True I think?).

The opening track Decatur sets the tone – a mix of grunge and ponderous shoegazing. At the time I remember the stand out track was the single Granny 9x and with a fresh listen, this remains the case. Rolling drums, dirty guitars and a crackling crescendo towards the end. The slower, brooding Feather is another highlight for me.

Headsparks was Seam’s debut album in a career that spanned from 1991 -1999 and included 4 albums. ┬áThis is the only Seam record I own and listening to it in 2013, it reminds of one of my favourites – Husker Du and my brain is definitely recalling the more recent Silversun Pickups.

I’ve just listened to Rafael a later Seam track – as it’s the most popular of theirs on Spotify… it’s sharper and tighter but in the same vein… but has less clicks and pops than my listen of Headsparks!

Headsparks Track listing:
1. Decatur
2. Sky City
3. Grain
4. Pins and Needles
5. Feather
6. Atari
7. King Rice
8. New Year’s
9. Shame
10. Granny 9x